Specialists in:

  • Building and Civil Engineering Works

  • Architectural Works




  • We are fully committed to our guiding safety principles.

  • Our goal is to achieve “zero accidents ”and “zero man-hours lost”

  • Regular review of the Risk Assessment and Safe Work Procedure


Some of our house procedures are

  • Use of a full range of personal protective equipment at all time

  • Use of safe tools and equipment under SWP

  • Development of trained & competent staff at all site works.

  • Regular on-site safety inspection and audits


Environment Health Control

  • We are fully committed to making our worksites clean and green.

  • We aim to have zero mosquito breeding problem at all sites.

  • We aim not to pollute our neighboring environment.

  • We aim to reduce noise pollution to acceptable NEA level.

  • To use environmentally friendly building materials.

  • Manage the disposal of building the waste to a proper location.

Exceptional Service Exceeding Expectations


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  • 建造与土木工程

  • 建筑工程




  • 我们严格遵守安全指导原则

  • 我们的目标为 “零事故” 与 “零工时损失”

  • 风险评估与工作安全流程的随时与定期审核



  • 随时穿戴全套的安全保护装置

  • 使用SWP专属安全工具与装置

  • 培训、发展出有力掌控现场的合格干部

  • 现场安全的定期检验与稽核



  • 我们全力保持工作场地清洁绿化

  • 我们消除工作场地的蚊虫孵化问题

  • 我们绝不污染四周环境

  • 我们防制噪音达到可接受的NEA水准

  • 使用友善环境的建材

  • 建筑废料弃置于正当场地


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